All payment actions are performed via Escrow system, which is integrated with Exim Crop.

  • Exim Crop refers to Escrow where the user must have its account.
  • After successful payment the Escrow's secures the funds in a secure trust account and sends it to the seller once the merchandise is accepted by the buyer. Details, please, see here.
  • In case of different circumstances, like the merchandise is rejected or partially rejected, please see the instruction here.
  • For more details about Escrow.com please click here here.


Escrow and Eximcrop fees are paid per transaction only when the transaction is completed

All fees are paid

  • Escrow.com provides extra discounts for users of Eximcrop platform. So, users save money by buying and selling products on Eximcrop marketplace. You can compare the Escrow transaction fee on Eximcrop platform (the real transaction must be created ) and with the standard Escrow fee.
  • Eximcrop charges the platform fee by the following schedule.
Features Fees
Escrow fee for Seller only
* if parties agree there is option on escrow.com page to split it by 50/50
Special discounted Escrow transaction fee
Exim Crop (platform) fee (for Seller only)                        0,8%


The merchandise price on the platform has either EXW or FOB incoterm. While sending the order buyer has to indicate delivery details in it. Seller needs to define additional costs of transaction (logistics/delivery, insurance, inspection etc) as part of the final price.


Eximcrop Marketplace recommends to use the logistics with SHIPMENT TRACKING and CARGO INSURANCE service to have exact information about delivery time and ensure freight against loss or damage from any external cause.

List of some recommended shipping companies:

Eximcrop Marketplace recommends sellers to use a pre-shipment inspection service to ensure buyers that ordered products meet quality & quantity and all other order criteria.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

List of some recommended inspection companies:

* These are only recommendations and Eximcrop is not responsible for the above mentioned services.